Bill MacGowan Of Newport Sailing

What leads to unique achievements in sailing are the people who do it. This is seen in the instance of Bill MacGowan, who has been sailing in Rhode Island and its whereabouts from the eighties.

His work as well as influence is considerable in the sailing community in and around the Newport area. Bill loves the water and he is to be found on the water with his family, whether he participates in races, surfing, and harbor tours or in paddle boarding activities.

Bill talks about his hometown harbor, stating that Newport has a beautiful harbor area and is an ideal sailing venue as the beaches are beautiful and the water conditions ideal for sailing – bettered only by going on a Yacht Charter in Zadar.

Even if you sail out in the morning by the beach you will end up in the harbor by the afternoon for some other activity by the waters. Bill talks about his love for the water which started at an early age. He talks about the times when he learnt to sail at the age of five or six at the Bullhead Yacht Club in Southampton area. This was mainly the times when he spent his summers with his grandfather.

Bill now lives in Middletown. He talks about his family, having two other brothers and sisters who have mainly grown up in Manhasset. In his teenage years he raced big boats off the shores of Long Island and was part of yacht club like Knickerbocker Yacht Club and Manhasset Bay Yacht Club.

He also had his elder brother as a mentor who had been part of the America’s Cup as well in the seventies. He even worked at the Newport Oddshore shipyard, an experience that helped him to be acquainted with every part of a boat building process, from rigging to other building methods. Today Newport has his lifelong expertise and experience to count on for their sailing community.