Cy Thompson Bagged VISA Award

Two-time Olympic Laser sailor Cy Thompson has been coveted the title of ‘Virgin Islands Sailor of the Year’.

The award has been given for 2016 and by the association (VISA) The Virgin Islands Sailing Association.

Speaking about the dedication of Cy Thompson on sailing, the president of VISA Phillip Shannon said, “Cy qualified for Rio 2016 early and he got the training from best sailors in the world, for 18 months he received the training of his class. When only nine months were left for the Olympics, Thompson, gave up everything, business, work, personal life and dedicated himself completely to the sport. He went through the tough training process for throughout. He used to get trained every day for 18 months for both on the water and off the water to his best in the Olympic. And his efforts brought the fruitful result as well.”

28 years old Cy Thompson is the native of the United States, also, he the grandson of first the Olympic sailor from the territory Rudy Thompson.

After receiving the award, Thomson shared his feeling and said “It is really a great honor to receive the VISA award; I believe I have put all my efforts to become eligible to get this award. I know other sailors who were in the contest to receive this award, they were all good and outstanding sailors, and I am delighted that VISA selected me to give the award.”

“I have spent many years in competing and training keeping the focused goal to be the part of 2016 Olympic Games. I left everything to become the part of the Olympic team,” said Thompson.

Thompson, competed in the 2012 Laser class at the Olympic Games in London there he finished 25th, and got qualified for the Games at the 2014 ISAF World Championships 2016 in Santander, Spain.