Christmas Miracle Saved Stuck Sailors

For almost three weeks, two sailors have got stuck on their boat. Their boat is out of fuel, adrift and it is low on fresh water and managing to survive on fishes that they are managed to catch. They are expecting an early Christmas miracle.

The salvation of boat and both sailors came on Friday all in an unexpected form: this happened when a huge ship with 11 decks and all the facilities and amenities came forward for the help. This was the Seas cruise ship Royal Caribbean’s Empress. The ship located the small fishing vessel with two stranded mariners. This happened in the night of Friday that is on 21st of Dec when the ship was halfway to Jamaica from Grand Cayman, said the spokesman Ted Miller. He said the encounter chance became possible only because of the reason that cruise ship was rerouted on the day from Cienfuegos, Cuba to Ocho Rios, Jamaica because of inclement weather conditions.

The yacht of sailors was constantly sending signals for help; the ship saw the signal light at 7 p.m. on the evening of Friday. It then reduced its speed and moved for help toward the vessel. The ship then contacted the rescue centers of Jamaica and Grand Cayman but they get the response from the center that they couldn’t provide assistance because of some personal issues, said Miller.

So, after some time, cruise ship lowered down a boat called as tender and brought up stuck sailors on ship safely. The two sailors were then given medical attention and water on ship’s board and no injuries were reported, Miller said. The sailors on the vessel were fishermen and they started sailing from Costa Rica. At the night, they fell asleep and the same time, their boats floated away because of bad weather from their fishing gear. While trying to get back to shore, the fuel in vessel got finished.